Jan. 2015 - Whole Foods Market in California accused of buying eggs from unsanitary farms

Jan. 2015 - Whole Foods Market in California accused of buying eggs from unsanitary farms

A very large United States natural food grocer, Whole Foods Market, is making sure that they no longer have any connection with a chicken hatchery in California. The hatchery is being sued due to suspected abuse of their chickens.

The Whole Foods grocer has been accused of buying eggs from Cal-Cruz Hatcheries Inc. which is facing charges of cruelty to animals and of allowing unsanitary living conditions for their animals. The Cal-Cruz and Whole Foods Market were named in a suit filed in Santa Cruz, California by an animal rights group who wanted their concerns to be made public. They stated that an undercover investigator has a film showing the abuse of chickens. Apparently, they had been put into waste buckets, loaded into bins on top of one another, and left for dead after the machinery tore them apart.

As a result of media attention, Whole Foods Market will not be conducting business with any of the Cal-Cruz ranches. Animal Legal Defense Fund attorneys prepared the lawsuit and Cal-Cruz was given a month to respond to the allegations.

Whole Foods Market prides itself on the quality of food they serve to their customers and they do not want to be a part of any animal being tortured and mistreated.


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