Jamie Chung loves wearable tech

Jamie Chung loves wearable tech

Jamie Chung is a famous actress, blogger and also a reality TV star. She moved to stardom from her role in the MTV reality show The Real World: San Diego and also in their spin-offs. Many consider her to be very successful. Her blog What the Chung? is also very popular.

Jamie later catapulted into Hollywood with movies such as Grown Ups, The Hangover II and Sucker Punch. Jamie was recognised for her role in the independent drama called Eden.

Jamie thinks that the wearable technology brings together her adventurous spirit with convenient technology. Jamie has collaborated with Fossil to be the brand's ambassador to support their Sleek Q Wearables.

As she loves the outdoors, Jamie likes to explore and travel. She is happy to be a part of the Fossil campaign that merges her curiosity and takes her on many adventures!

Jamie believes that since her early camping days, she has been fascinated by getaways. She loved the whole hiking, making campfires, and pranking part. She loves wearable tech as it keep track of every mile she covers and keeps her posted about relevant news as well. Jamie loves going on walks with her puppy Ewok and is glad that the wearable tech counts her every step.

She sadly remembers this one time when she was out camping with her husband Bryan Greenberg. Even though it was spring, the first night they were camping was fiercely cold. She took all of her husband’s clothing to keep warm. Their sleeping bags and the tent wasn't warm enough and they had to leave the next day. Jamie is grateful for wearable tech that also indicates the weather.


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