The need for sun protection – all ages & skin types

The need for sun protection – all ages & skin types

Sunlight is very important for the human body because it provides Vitamin D. Provided the exposure to sun rays is moderate but often, Vitamin D aids the body in releasing endorphins, which elevate moods. Vitamin D also treats some skin diseases, such as psoriasis and treats Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Overexposure of sun rays can prove harmful as it can cause some skin cancers. Sun protection is very necessary for people of all ages with different skin types. The following are some reasons to use sun protection on exposed skin.

  • Skin burning is caused by sun rays. Burning is very painful and the skin becomes hot and red and can even blister.
  • Heat exhaustion is one of the major causes of overexposure to direct sun rays. In heat exhaustion, body temperature can rise up to 104°F. Your body will perspire profusely and you will have headaches. As the body loses water due to perspiring, you feel faint and you could pass out.
  • If a person does not get treatment for heat exhaustion, it can develop into a major heat stroke. The functions of body stop working and if measures are not taken, the result can be death.
  • Sun rays also affect the beauty of the skin especially the face. It can cause excessive wrinkles, dry, leathery skin, brown spots, and skin cancer.
  • Children should be protected from sun rays as their skin is very sensitive and thin. Damage can happen quickly.


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